for my birthday, I got the alps

It's taken 29 years, but I finally learned the trick to having an amazing birthday.

  1. Do something really hard the day before, something that you think you can't do.
  2. Wake up the morning of your birthday psyched. You're stronger than you realized. 

For me, that something hard was trekking up Schneeberg, the biggest mountain in lower Austria. The difficult part wasn't so much the hiking as it was carrying a tent, sleeping bags, pads, kitchen stuff, food, water, warm clothes and a 2 year old up. 


Our porter I mean friend, Wolfgang Kronberger, carried up Miriam's bag most of the way, so she could carry this sweet thing. 


Six hours later, we made it in time to pitch a tent, eat dinner, and watch the sun set over the alps. 


The next morning it was birthday hugs and chocolate. We began lazily hiking down, stopping to eat and just relax. We were psyched with what we had done the day before and I was psyched to get some calories back in the form of that fine Austrian chocolate. 


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