Website UX + Strategy

I was recruited to manage the websites at the Eccles School in 2016, with the initial goal of migrating the sites from Drupal to WordPress. I was new to higher ed, so I spent hours benchmarking against top business school websites and creating a big picture road map. I worked closely with our web developer to design an architecture that would create a unified look and feel, while allowing programs to have their own content and navigation. Then I spent long days and nights migrating content, re-writing copy, re-shooting photos, and writing SEO in our WordPress sandbox. Three months after I started, we launched Not only was our new site responsive and optimized, but we earned a 41% increase in site visits within one year.

Since that day, we have launched and re-launched all of our 30+ websites more than 50 times. I thrive working in an iterative, collaborative environment, and I am constantly looking for ways to improve our presence.

Marketing Strategy + Execution

I understand business goals and the pressure to continually compete against the very best. When I’m not working on websites, I meet with directors to discuss their business goals. Some come to the table with a clear idea for a marketing campaign. Others come in with nothing. Regardless, it’s up to me to figure out what they need and how best to execute and deliver for them. No matter their business size or budget, each project is important to them, so they each get my full commitment, strategic direction and creativity to help them be successful. 

Recently one of our smaller programs came to me for assistance with recruitment with a budget of $2,500. We launched a paid advertising campaign and conducted daily analysis to optimize ads, increase lead quality and continually improve results. As a result of the campaign, six people applied to the program and to the Eccles School – an estimated 11,394% return on our investment.

Management + Leadership

Ten years in marketing has taught me that clear communication is just as important with my team as it is to clients and as such, I have learned how to empathize and communicate with many different personality types. This has ultimately led to some of my proudest moments - bringing ‘silo-ed’ teams into one collaborative space to accomplish a challenging goal together. 

One of the most rewarding parts of my current job is co-managing a fantastic team of staff and interns. Together, the Associate Director of Marketing and I have more than doubled our team in two years. I mentor each of my direct reports monthly, offering guidance for sticky political situations, and if needed, supporting them in those situations. I’m a team player, through and through.

Project Management

Sometimes the fastest way to learn is to jump in the deep end, and my work at Colle+McVoy was no exception. I started on a team of project managers supporting the agency's largest account, worth $11 million annually, and with seven lines of business. After one year, I was promoted and began to take on nationwide digital, social, broadcast, and print campaigns for Purina Veterinary Diets, Explore Minnesota Tourism, and Land O'Lakes.  

Grit and Positivity

Working for non-profits has offered me opportunities to learn a wide breadth of roles and responsibilities. As such, I have had opportunities to partake in a variety of roles from leading trainings and speaking at events, to staying late to proofread an RFP or set up chairs at an event. I know what ‘all hands on deck’ means and I love being involved in every part of the creative process. 

Passion for Learning

Ever since I was nine years old and my parents started taking away my books as a punishment, I have loved learning. Fast forward twenty years and I create to-do lists, spreadsheets, and budgets - for fun. I am currently pursuing my Masters of Science in Information Systems and though I don’t sneak books to bed anymore, I have fully accepted and embraced my nerd within.