I'm freaking out. my brain can only handle so much, so it keeps oscillating back and forth between disbelief, excitement, and sheer panic. in 23 days my whole world is going to change. here are a few changes I can't stop daydreaming about: 

  • being outside. all the damn time.
  • exploring and pushing my comfort zone.
  • climbing some of the best rock in the world.
  • hanging out with some pretty amazing people.
  • not being inside. I really can't say this enough. 
  • sunshine. no one appreciates that like a Minnesotan in December.
  • paring my possessions to two backpacks.
  • living in bungalow. 
  • not looking at a spreadsheet. 
  • deep water soloing. 
  • the himalayas. I mean, holy crap, the himalayas.
  • slowing down and just being present.


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