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Must love dogs

The Dog Sanctuary at Elephant Nature Park, home to about 430 dogs. The sanctuary was started in 2011, as a result of the Bangkok floods trapping thousands of dogs on rooftops. Volunteers gathered together and when all was said and done, over 2,000 dogs that were pulled to safety and with a little food, water, and medical treatment they were ready to survive on their own again. But there were about 155 that needed more attention and thus, the Dog Sanctuary of Elephant Nature Park was born. 

Today there are over 430 dogs living in the Dog Sanctuary. That's 430 different personalities and unique and often heartbreaking stories as to how each dog arrived at the sanctuary. I volunteered alongside a group of animal loving hippies from around the world and together we focused our attention on the sickest and most injured dogs, the ones in the Dog Clinic.    

This is Long. Long was found beaten half to death in a bag. He somehow survived but can't control his bladder. He's still the sweetest dog and I wished so much I could have taken him home.

Swooning over Looch, the first dog we got to help re-integrate back into his pack after being in the clinic.  

Gladys never got used to this cone and would ram her head into all the things. 

Lucie and I perfecting the cuddle, cuddle, detick. 

Steel was hit by a motorbike but is too badass to slow down. Put him in this trainer and he freaking runs

Digging his way to Canada

Poor Ahn is passed out after ear surgery. 

We could have hung out with them for hours oh wait, we did. 


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8 reasons to go to Koh Lanta

1. More than 30 kilometers of coastline looking like this.
There is a beach for everyone. starting on the north end of the island, the beaches are more rasta/hippie and crowded. The further south you go, the quieter and more relaxed they get. We stayed about halfway down, on Klong Nin Bay and loved it! 

2. The Lanta Animal Welfare Clinic
Wykstra and I both love animals and were psyched to support this clinic. They're run almost entirely by volunteers and they take in dogs and cats that have been abused or abandoned and give them the necessary medicine, treatment, and love to get better. We got to take little the little punk Bang-Bang for a walk on the beach. 

All of that lovin' is supported by donations from the nearby Lime Bar. So we went and you know, supported them supporting that. 

3. Motorbike rental for 250 BHT ($8 USD).
You can brap up and down the island, visiting the national forest, get a massage, or check out other beaches and what have you. 

4. The whole bottom part of the island is a national forest. 
With some casual hiking, monkeys erywhere, and views like this.

5. Crabs
They hated me, but will love you, plomise. 

But just a warning: the 4 Islands Tour is a lot of tour and not a lot of snorkeling. maybe you can hire a boat on your own? just don't expect a ton of snorkeling, its a lot of shlepping around from island to island. I'm still including it in this list because its not the fishes fault. 

7. Animals, everywhere
Aside from our usual insects and critters living in our bungalow, we have chickens, cats, and dogs that roam around the island! I love them and they love me and its 100% mutual. 

8. That Thai kindness
I could probably say this about everywhere in rural Thailand, but the Thai people in Koh Lanta were so kind, thoughtful, and generous, with what little they had. Case in point the woman who took in this abandoned little monkey and cared for him (and let us play with him all the time). 


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