i'm the Seattle airport now, ready for my first flight, standby baby. and now I have a little time to sit and think. about what? 

about you. about sweet, thoughtful, endlessly giving you. 

you threw me going away parties and happy hours (who the junk gets more than one of those?)  
you gave me kind cards and lightweight gifts (you thoughtful people you). 
you lent me your car, your couch, your bed, your pro deal.
even gave me the space above your garage for me to store my stuff.
then lets not forget about the phone calls, text messages, hugs and conversations all encouraging me to go, go, go.

chase this dream. you're finally doing it, this dream you've been telling me about forever. do it! believe me, you won't regret it. man, I wish I could go too. I'm going to live vicariously through you so take lots of pictures. be present. oh but be safe. and wear a helmet. will you have a phone? no? insurance? ok, good. don't talk to weird people. say yes to everything. try everything. but don't drink everything. I'd love to follow your blog. maybe we can meet up? yeah, I'd love that too. 

I'm chasing this dream, but I'm certainly not alone. my two friends Rolf and David have quit their jobs too and I'm meeting up with about a half dozen other friends throughout the trip. that doesn't just happen. people don't just get this kind of support so I want you to know that I feel it. all the warmth, the love, the kind thoughts and prayers. I am wrapped up in all of it and this trip will be incredible because of the love I'm being sent with.

love you back,

ps: this is happening! Seattle > Tokyo > Bangkok



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