Its barely been a month and already I feel so healthy, so clear headed. Rolf, David and I are outside ALL THE TIME, climbing, swimming, reading, playing cards, and just puttering around. Our meals are a little over $2 each, our bungalow $6 a night, and we wake up naturally every morning, fully rested. I’m rarely aware of the time, much less the date, and our to-do lists are a joke (swim, yoga, work a climb, eat banana bread, juggle, fill out a post card).

What I’m trying to say is, this new life is peaceful. 

I knew before I went on this trip how big it was; I just couldn’t find the words to describe what it means to me. Its more than a vacation or a break from work. Its an uncluttered time to finally put words to the questions none of us really had a chance to ask ourselves: 

What do I need for myself? What am I good at? How much money do I need to make? Does making less mean more stress or less? How much work/life balance do I want to insist on - a 2 week vacation once a year or is it bigger than that? How important is living in a place where I can do the things I love all year round? How many things do I need to feel comfortable? 

Realizing that where I live, how much I work, the seasons I live in, how fast or slow my lifestyle is, and how much money and stress I have are choices has been both freeing and overwhelming. And I know this trip won’t answer all of my questions, but it will open my mind to new lifestyles and cultures, just by getting to see how people outside the U.S. have answered them. 


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