Picture this: you’re 12 hours in to a 16 hour travel day. You’re sweaty, unshowered (obviously), and sweating in a hot van packed thigh-to-sweaty-thigh with other backpackers. The bus driver starts walking down the aisle asking for everyone’s final destination. Though the bus is headed to Krabi, your final destination is Tonsai Bay, the climbing mecca is SE Asia. The bus driver says she can take you to Tonsai, but it’ll cost you an additional $20. You reluctantly agree and as soon as the driver walks away, you overhear the people behind you decline saying, ‘we’ll figure it out, thanks’. You ask them what they’re planning to do? and they respond with the obvious: what the Thai’s do. They ask ‘where are all the Thai people? How do they get from Krabi to Tonsai?’ and this spurred the first of many lessons I’ll learn on this trip. If I’m surrounded by tourists, there is a good chance I’m overpaying. 

We found out later it costs closer to $4 to get from Krabi to Tonsai. Lesson learned.


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